"Behind What Curve?"

Truth Passes Through Three Stages


“It is easier to fool someone than too convince them they have been fooled.” Mark Twain

“He who judges a matter before hearing it, it is a folly to them.” Proverbs

          Two former military personnel now turn journalists goes on an epic journey to uncover the truth. She is a West Point graduate, he is a combat veteran, both are driven by truth. Watch as these truth-seekers team up and start dismantling the lies in the documentary by Daniel J Clark and ask him the BIG question “Behind What Curve?” 

          What are you willing to do to uncover the truth? This is a question that two former military vets must answer as they search for honesty in a forest of lies. As journalists now, a West Point graduate and a combat veteran must find solid ground within a documentary put out by Daniel J Clark. Will he be able to provide them with real answers? Perhaps he will never be willing to respond to the most vital question of all, “Behind what curve?” Their search for the truth will require them to overcome many obstacles, discover many new experiences, and uncover more issues than they knew existed. Join them as they break the sound barrier to find out what is the truth and what is deceit!


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  2. We would like to use film footage of other flat earthers and their families sharing they know the earth is flat. Just film a short video stating "Yes the earth is flat or something simple like that and email or the linkm to Try to keep it below 10 seconds, anything more then 20 seconds will NOT be used. 

Director's Team & Film Crew

Co-Director: Joshua Michael & Shelley Lewis

Creative Director: Travis Finley

Assistant Director: David Hunt

Producers: Robbie Davidson, Rob Skiba,

Rick Hummer, Shelley Lewis & Joshua Michael

Executive Producer: Rob Taylor



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