We were told gravity is real, gravity is a LAW! Wait!, What?! Did everyone miss science admitting that Gravity is a theory and NOT a Law? Laws are proven, theories are not! During my research I ran across an interesting equation. The equation below on the left is the equation for electrostatic force - Coulomb's Law. The equation on the right is the equation for gravity. Wait, what?

QUESTION? Anyone know what is wrong with the equation on the right? 

ANSWER - It is the same as the equation on the left! This can not be! You can not have the same equation for two separate forces.

It would appear that in their zeal to sell us the idea of gravity, they simply rewrote the equation for magnetic energy to make it look different and pass it off as an original mathematical theorem. This leads me to my next point, and I want to be perfectly clear about this, MATH is NOT a PROOF of Scientific Method. Math supports a hypothesis only, but it proves NOTHING! Science is the process of observation, NOT mathematical theorem!

Electrostatic Force - Colomb's Law

Universal Gravity

Fake equation for gravity

Gravity can be explained through the Laws of Mass, Density and Buoyancy! No gravity needed here. In fact before the myth of gravity these three law explained how things rose and fell to the Earth. Gravity is a lie that was posed on us by pseudoscientists to propagate the lie of space and a fictional world. Before gravity was even a thing, all force was explained through the Laws of Mass, Density and Buoyancy. NASA has admitted that Gravity is only a theory. Now, main stream science is trying to confuse us even more by saying that in the scientific method you start with a Law instead of a theory. Some are even now trying to convince us we don’t even need scientific method. Folks we need to return sanity to the science community. Without Scientific Method we have no way to determine whether something is really true or not. Even Newton admitted he wasn’t sure about gravity.

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