In this section you will find the different research topics. Folks I am not asking you to believe what I believe. I am asking you, as a member of society, regardless of what society that is, to ask the tough questions many don't seem to want to ask. To question what you have been taught, and are told by anyone. And to look at this World with a critical eye, and an analytical mind.

                                                Many of us are so caught up in the rat race, just to eek out a living to survive. We                                                        don't have the time or energy to worry about what the media and our governments                                                    are feeding to us, both physically and mentally. However, there are many of you who                                                  can feel there is something wrong with this world we live in. For example, when all                                                    of our media is owned by just a few families can you see how this might cause an                                                        issue. I know we all would like to believe the media is feeding us truth but this may not and many times isn't always the case. It will always have their bias slant to it. For this reason, I am providing my research for analytical review. Some will be written and some will be in the form of videos. Just because something is on Youtube, Vimeo or other video platforms doesn't make that information true or false. It is just a platform to present information through a visual medium. Both however, will have citations and the documents will be downloadable so that you, my friends can check the credibility of information. Please find on the pages where it is written: DOWNLOADABLE DOCUMENTS.

There are millions of people waking up and realizing we have been manipulated, poisoned and lied to. If you are religious this is called the GREAT DECEPTION in the Bible. The truth is the deception has been going on for thousands of years. I myself am NOT religious, but I do believe in a creator! Someone may ask, well how does that work, to believe in a creator but not be religious? Stick around and I will reveal it to you. 

                                    Regardless of our beliefs and world views, we all live on this Earth together which makes                                          us neighbors. Some closer then others but neighbors non the less. We need to LOVE one                                          another and not spend our time killing each other for what ever reason. Most reasons are                                        artificially manufactured to divide us anyway. Between religious differences to                                                            governments and military industrial complex we are being bombarded with a borage of                                            information which may or may not be true. All I am asking is for us to be more diligent and                                      question the official narrative. There are many reasons why a government and other agencies might lie to you. Money for one just off the top of my head. My grandfather once said to me "If you ever want to know the truth about something just follow the money." Anyway, lets have a look at some of these topics with a critical mind and decide for our self what is true. 


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  • Moon


  • Immunizations

  • 9/11

  • Chemtrails

  • Truth about WARS